Genealogical Society Library Membership
Aigner-Mumme Memorial Building
Poteet, Atascosa County, Texas

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Society Membership
     The Atascosa County Genealogical Society Library, Inc. (ACGSL) is a not-for-profit organization. The ACGSL membership goal is to preserve genealogical assets of Atascosa county by promoting the interest and welfare of the county culture, history, research and education.

      Membership annual dues are assessed based on the period of January thru December.

Active Membership:  Fee - $5.00   These members regularly attend meetings, volunteer services at the library, perform ACGSL projects, periodically serve on committees and, if elected, serve as Executive Officers of the Society.
Supporting Membership:  Fee - $10.00   These members may or may not be active in the organization. Individuals residing outside Atascosa county are generally considered candidates for this type of membership. May volunteer their talents to perform some duties or tasks for the ACGSL.
Business Membership:  Fee - $20.00   These businesses, local, county and out of county, may join ACGSL and receive recognition and periodic announcements. We show our appreciation of these business members by announcing their membership, posting their business on the ACGSL website and patronizing their establishment.
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Building Fund and Other Donations:  Donations greatly enhance the capability of the ACGSL to provide genealogical services to the membership, and Atascosa county. The donations may be in monetary form, services, library equipment or supplies. Individuals or businesses donating to the ACGSL will be recognized in an appropriate manner.

      The ACGSL currently has the following standing committees:

Library Worker
Genealogy Classes
Education (Speakers)

     The ACGSL is interested in individuals that have special talents and wish to implement those talents for the enhancement of the Society and Library. Also, individuals with special interests may want to develop a program within the Society to promote those interests. We are always open to constructive comments and suggestions to improve our membership, Society and Library. We encourage the membership to provide input and feedback to the Society officers in order to make our organization grow and improve.

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